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Our commitment: Better community, better life!

Our commitment: Better community, better life!

Better probiotics, better life”, promoting the quality of life is the core of everything we do at Synbio Tech. In implementing our vision, improving the quality of all lives, Synbio Tech is committed to caring for the local community since its founding, constantly giving back to the community and creating a positive impact. Caring for the people is so tightly woven into Synbio Tech's DNA, with every activity in alignment with the company statute. Keeping our company values front of mind is a key driver for everything we do and we preoccupy ourselves with ensuring we are living up to our words. 

Impacting local community 
Synbio Tech has been helping vulnerable communities for years with support for basic needs such as food, nutritional supplies, and daily use items by collaborating with community-led initiatives.  We are responding to help those in urgent need while continuing to build stronger, more resilient communities for the long term. In doing so, Synbio Tech make material assistance donations to vulnerable communities in Luzhu District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan annually by collaborating with Luzhu Social Welfare Center. This initiative contributes to the family emergency relief, the disadvantaged groups, and assisting the group which has been excluded by the social welfare system by helping them access basic needs such as food items, nutritional supplies and care supplies. More than 1000 lives have been positively impacted in the year 2021, this initiative helps people to access to the supports they need the most. Through initiative like this, we proactively enforce our community caring aspirations, many lives in Luzhu have been positively impacted because of this initiative. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, efforts to support such needs became even more essential.  

Better life
Through this initiative, people's basic needs are met, lives are enhanced and hope is conveyed.

 “Better probiotics, better life” goes beyond improving life through better probiotics, it also means making a difference in the lives of those who are the most disadvantaged in the community by helping them to have access to basic needs,” says Lian Chwan Yang, Chief Executive Officer of Synbio Tech

When businesses or organizations partner with Synbio Tech., they are also helping to improve lives and build a better community, working together to improve lives locally as well as globally. 
Better probiotics, better community, better life!

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