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Synbio Tech Inc. and Cosmax Group signed an exclusive cooperation agreement to jointly expand the South Korean probiotics market

Synbio Tech Inc. and Cosmax Group signed an exclusive cooperation agreement to jointly expand the South Korean probiotics market
Kaohsiung, Taiwan, February 1, 2023
Synbio Tech Inc. and Cosmax NBT, a major South Korean biotechnology company officially signed an exclusive cooperation agreement to launch Lactobacillus plantarum TWK10® in South Korea, and announced that TWK10® has been approved as an Individual Health Functional Food certification by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of South Korea. Under the agreement, COSMAX NBT will exclusively distribute TWK10® probiotics in muscle health category to meet the growing needs of the active nutrition and healthy aging markets in South Korea.
COSMAX NBT is a subsidiary of COSMAX Group, one of the world's largest research, development and production business group for cosmetic and health functional food products. The company specializes in health care product OEM services, functional food R&D and manufacturing, and is currently a top leading health functional food ODM company in South Korea. KIM SANG WOO, the Vice President of COSMAX NBT says, "According to the market survey report, probiotics are  one of most popular health foods among Koreans like  red ginseng and vitamins, and the market size of probiotics is expected to grow rapidly at an average annual rate of 16%. With Synbio Tech's innovation in R&D and excellent production technology, the partnership will allow us to continuously explore further collaborative projects to bring outstanding products to the South Korean market. "
Lactobacillus plantarum TWK10® is a probiotic strain strictly selected from Taiwanese fermented cabbage. Extensive studies have confirmed that TWK10® has a significant impact on sports performance, muscle mass, and mobility in older adults through the gut-muscle axis. To date, it has 4 human clinical trials, 7 major global patents and more than ten international journal publications. It is Taiwan's first probiotic strain to obtain GRAS Self-affirmed status in the US and obtained Individual Health Functional Food certification in South Korea. This innovative strain is paving the way of probiotic innovation and revolutionizing the nutraceutical and functional food market.
Kuiming Lee, the Vice President of the human health department at Synbio Tech say "This collaboration is a very important milestone for Synbio Tech in becoming a global probiotics manufacturer. With the synergy of Synbio Tech and COSMAX NBT, we will further collaborate in scientific research and market development of TWK10® in South Korea. Looking forward in 2023, TWK10® has gradually completed its global launch and expansion with distribution across different continents including Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other regions. In the years to come, Synbio Tech will continuously deepen the scientific research of TWK10® and further develop innovative probiotic and postbiotic solutions for better health.


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