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Synbio Tech Shines at the 38th World Genius Convention and Education Expo in Japan, Clinching a Gold Medal

Synbio Tech Shines at the 38th World Genius Convention and Education Expo in Japan, Clinching a Gold Medal

Synbio Tech has been awarded a prestigious gold medal at the "38th World Genius Convention and Education Expo 2024," held May 9-10 at the Tokyo International Forum. This globally significant event in the invention community attracted participants from over ten countries, including the United States, Canada, Thailand, Korea, China, Taiwan, and host nation Japan, showcasing over a hundred innovative entries.
Synbio Tech distinguished itself with its probiotic product, Lactiplantibacillus plantarum TWK10®, designed to enhance muscle mass and endurance in the elderly. The company's long-term commitment to research and development in probiotics is reflected in its diverse business model, which spans product design to manufacturing, all backed by advanced scientific validation and clinical trials. This comprehensive approach ensures that consumers benefit from high-performance products trusted worldwide.
General Manager Yang Chuan-Hsien highlighted the company's use of microbiome genomics and its unique SYNTEK® thorough technology, which optimizes every step from strain selection to freeze-drying processes, thereby enhancing the functional attributes of TWK10®. Clinical trials of TWK10® have demonstrated improvements in muscle mass, endurance, grip strength, mobility, and dynamic balance in older adults, reducing risks associated with sarcopenia and frailty, and significantly enhancing the quality of life for this population.
With the global aging population expanding, particularly in developed countries, sarcopenia is becoming an increasingly prevalent health concern. According to the World Health Organization, the global population aged 65 and above is projected to grow from 700 million to 2 billion by 2050. TWK10® not only meets this rapidly increasing market demand but also offers a scientifically-based solution to address significant health challenges faced by the elderly worldwide. As the aging demographic grows, so does the market for senior health products, highlighting the increasing demand for health-related consumption among older adults. Synbio Tech's innovative probiotic product is expected to see broad application and promotion on the international stage.

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