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Vaginal infections are a common problem in women
According to the report of World Health Organization (WHO), having a cold is not the most common problem to bothering women. The vaginal and urinary tract infections are bothering women for a long time. Moreover, the percentage of getting the urinary tract infection of women is eight times as high as men. There are one billion women worldwide troubled by the vaginal and urinary tract infection. Among the statistics data, nearly 90% of women over 30 years-old have been diagnosed with those infections, and over 60% of women have to cost 2-3 days for treating the vaginal or urinary tract infection every month. (3)
The healthy biomarker of vagina –LACTOBACILLI.
While the gut microbiome has recently gotten a lot of attention, the vaginal microbiome also plays a powerful role in women's health. The vagina is host to hordes of bacteria and some yeast, and women are probably most aware of them when an overgrowth of the wrong ones causes annoying symptoms. The primary bacteria of a healthy individual are of the genus Lactobacillus and the lactic acid they produce is thought to protect against infection by pathogenic species. Researchers note that the genus Lactobacilli has a notable ability to stick to the walls of the vagina, which can make it particularly helpful in restoring the balance of microorganisms in this part of the body. Furthermore, Lactobacilli make the vagina acidic, which is important in helping to prevent a condition known as bacterial vaginosis.(2)
Probiotics care of women.
The healthy state of women would affect the vagina microbiota. When women have a hormonal imbalance, the vagina microbiota might lose the balance and get the infection. According to the research, consuming lactobacilli bacteria might prevent the overgrowth of harmful organisms that cause infection. Further, a study found that daily consumption of an oral probiotic containing lactobacilli bacteria can reduce bad bacteria and yeast in the vagina. The R&D group of SYNBIO TECH has found that the complex probiotic formula (LA25、LDL114、LP115、LF26、LRH10、LPC12) would produce lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide which could be auto inhibitory or be toxic to adjacent bacteria, fungi or viruses. Also, the probiotics in the vagina would compete with pathogenic microorganisms in binding sites and nutrition in the vaginal epithelium microenvironment, and inhibit the adherence and overgrowth of pathogens.(1)
Supplementation of probiotics continuously will be a good way maintaining the normal flora and keeping healthy vaginal and urinary tract. In addition to supplementing of probiotics, following a balanced, nutrient-dense diet, getting enough physical activity, managing underlying health conditions, reducing stress, and getting plenty of rest are all essential for your overall health and staying away from kind of infections.

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