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Synbio Tech and Korea's Cosmax NBT Sign Research Collaboration Agreement to Deepen Cooperation

Synbiotech (1295:TT) and Cosmax NBT Inc., a leading global Korean functional foods manufacturer, have entered into a strategic research and development collaboration to explore the potential of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum (TWK10) in addressing metabolic syndrome. According to the latest study published in the Journal of Functional Foods, TWK10 has demonstrated significant potential in reducing weight gain and adipose tissue mass, improving glucose and lipid profiles, regulating the adiponectin-leptin ratio, protecting liver function, and optimizing energy metabolism. These findings underscore the promise of TWK10 in combating metabolic syndrome.
TWK10 is a probiotic strain derived from Taiwanese fermented cabbage and has secured numerous health certifications in Canada, Taiwan, and South Korea. With 10 global patents and 17 scientific publications, TWK10 is an innovative probiotic backed by over a decade of research. Synbiotech's CEO, Dr. San-Land Yang, said, "TWK10 results from ten years of research, culminating in five clinical trials that solidified it as the world's first probiotic to enhance athletic performance and muscle quality. This collaboration not only encompasses commercial aspects but also includes clinical trials and marketing strategies, setting a new milestone in the probiotic health industry."
Wonil Yun, CEO of Cosmax NBT, remarked, "Cosmax NBT is focused on developing high-quality functional ingredients and ensuring each product meets the highest standards. We eagerly anticipate collaborating closely with Synbiotech to maximize TWK10's functional benefits. TWK10 is the first probiotic in South Korea with athletic performance benefits, with several products already launched in the South Korean market. Moving forward, the two companies will strengthen their partnership to conduct in-depth research on TWK10's potential in metabolic syndrome, combining our market insights and R&D strengths to expand product applications and drive greater success in the Korean market."
According to the Korea Health Functional Food Association, the health food market has been expanding since 2014, with a projected 2023 market size of KRW 6.2 trillion, representing a 27% increase over five years. Probiotics have emerged as the third largest category of functional health foods after red ginseng, vitamins and minerals. Their rapid growth is attributed to rising health awareness, the pandemic, and product innovation. Manufacturers are diversifying their product offerings and expanding sales through online platforms, while strict government certification and scientific research support bolster consumer confidence.
This R&D collaboration leverages both parties' robust scientific research and shared business philosophies to propel TWK10 into a groundbreaking functional product that can transform human health. Looking ahead, both Synbiotech and Cosmax NBT aspire to unlock future possibilities together, jointly developing the next generation of probiotics and maintaining their leadership in the probiotics market.
Synbio Tech collaborates with Korean health food giant Cosmax NBT to sign a research cooperation agreement.
Synbio Tech collaborates with Korean health food giant Cosmax NBT to sign a research cooperation agreement.

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