SYNPACK™-Culture Optimization of Package Technologies

In addition to the functional verification of probiotics, the key to its efficacy is maintaining the sufficient amounts of live bacteria throughout shelf life. However, under normal circumstances, probiotics are prone to face challenges associated with their viability and survival, resulting in insufficient product dosage and losing effectiveness which in turn leads to unmet customers' expectations. Therefore, improving the survival rate and stability of probiotics are the critical factors which impact the effectiveness of probiotics.

SYNPACK™ -Better Probiotics, Pack to Home

Packaging is like giving probiotics a home, and the comfort of probiotics' home is linked with storage stability. SYNPACK™, Culture Optimization of Package Technologies, based on the concept of "home", provides innovative services to ensure that probiotics retain the effective number of viable bacteria within at room temperature. It is our core technology from the preparation of probiotic raw materials, the selection of strains to excipients for formula design. In addition, along with other factors such as acting as key indicators in the production process, improving the survival rate and stability of the final probiotic products, SYNPACK™ also plays an important role in enhancing competitiveness of the capsules, powders and other finished products. Therefore, SYNPACK™ is the solution for high – quality, effective, safe and stable probiotics products.

SYNPACK™ - Four Guarantees

1. Confirms the identity of the strain to ensure the product safety

2. Strict control of key parameters to ensure product stability

3. Establishing 68 monitoring points throughout the production line to ensure product quality

4. Precise design of the formula to ensure products' effectiveness

SYNPACK™ - Four Service Values

1. Provide strain identification report

2. Provide product stability report

3. Provide a third-party inspection report

4. Flexible and customized formula design

SYNPACK™ - Product Packaging Type

SYNPACK® - product packaging type

※Stored below 25°C

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